Happy Easter Eggs

Mikkel and I are celebrating the Easter holidays at our parents’. So far we have spent most of the time relaxing and cooking. The latter ended up with these easter eggs. They are basically a “healthier”  version of the classic chocolate coated marzipan egg. I made my own marzipan and substituted the sugar with natural sweeteners; dates, and honey from the local farmer. Furthermore, I coated the eggs with a really nice 70 % dark chocolate and topped them with some chopped almonds for a bit of crunch. Enjoy!

Marzipan Easter Eggs

(makes 24 eggs)

300 g almonds + 10 almonds for crunch topping
10 medjool dates

1-2 tbsp honey

Zest of 1/2 an orange

1 tsp cinnamon

200 g of your best 70 % dark chocolate

Process 300 g of almonds in a food processor until you have almond flour. Remove the stones from the dates and add the dates to the almond flour. Process until combined. Add orange zest, cinnamon and honey and process the mixture again. Add enough honey until the consistency of the dough feels like marzipan. Shape 24 small eggs of the “marzipan” and place them on a plate to cool in the fridge for about 1 hour. Finely chop the 10 almonds. Save these for topping.

Coating the eggs

When the eggs are cooled, temper the chocolate to maintain its smooth surface. It is not a difficult as it might sound;

  • Finely chop the chocolate
  • Place 2/3 of the chocolate in a small pan and 1/3 of the chocolate in another pan.
  • Fill a sauce pan half way up with hot water and place the pan with 2/3 of the chocolate in the sauce pan. Make sure no water enters the “chocolate pan”.
  • Slowly heat the water (but make sure it does not boil) until the chocolate in the chocolate pan reaches 48-50 degrees Celsius.
  • When the chocolate has reached the correct temperature transfer just enough of the hot chocolate to the pan with 1/3 of the chocolate and stir until all the chocolate is melted. Keep stirring until the temperature reaches 31-32 degrees Celsius.
  • Save the rest of the hot chocolate and transfer a little bit whenever the temperature of the chocolate starts to drop to maintain a temperature of 31-32 degrees Celsius.
  • The chocolate is now tempered and you are ready to coat the eggs.

Transfer one egg at a time to the chocolate pan. Make sure the eggs are completely covered in chocolate before removing them using a fork. Let any excess chocolate drip off. Transfer the eggs to a piece of baking paper and top with the finely chopped almonds while the chocolate is still wet. Whenever all the eggs are coated let them cool off in the fridge until the chocolate is hardened before removing them from the baking paper.


  • Lene
    4. August 2015 at 21:02

    Hvor ser de lækre ud!

  • Elin
    4. August 2015 at 21:04

    Yummy, these look so delicious!


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