Ready, Set, Detox!

Happy New Year!
We sincerely hope you enjoyed the Holidays and jumped into 2015 in a wonderful (and safe) way; We definitely did, with lots of friends, champagne and a feast of home-cooked delicacies. Is there any better way to celebrate the advent of a brand new year?

And speaking of feasts; The entire festive season has been fully booked with these, and while we definitely presented a range of healthy Holiday alternatives (such as a Green Winter Salad, the tasty Gluten-free Panforte, and those Vegan Gingerbread Cookies) few days have been truly dedicated to the well-being of the body.

So, in order to help you guys regain your stamina and kick off 2015 in a seriously healthy manner, we came up with three powerful juices: Green Fennel Juice, Yellow Pepper Juice, and Red Beet Juice. They each have their own qualities and together they will support your body with all the essential building blocks you need.


The Green Fennel Juice contains leafy greens and fennel which will enhance your bowel environment post-holiday season and help cleansing your system; The Yellow Pepper Juice is rich on C-vitamin which plays an integral part of your overall health, especially in terms of boosting your immune system and energy levels; Finally, the Red Beet Juice is packed with iron, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and phytonutrients to boost your stamina and immune system while helping your body detox. All juices also contain ginger which improves digestion and the absorption of vital nutrients in the body, reduces flatulence, clears out your microcirculatory channels, and much, much more.

We simply incorporate juices into our everyday routine and enjoy a large glass of juice along with our regular meals, but if you want to go ‘full detox’ for a period you can substitute a regular meal with approximately 500 ml of either of these three juices. Doing so will allow your bowels time and peace to absorb past meals and empty themselves, resulting in a detoxed body, cleaner skin, and (most likely) a small weight loss.


All you need is a decent juicer and you’ll be on your way. Any juicer will do, but if you haven’t already got one, we’ll recommend getting your hands on a so-called ‘slow juicer’. It’ll juice your greens and fruits really thorough and produce more juice than most conventional juicers. On top of this, it will reduce the oxidation of the juice and keep important vitamins from evaporating in the process. The result is vitamin-boosted juices that will keep their freshness and vibrant colours longer.

So pick up those veggies and get juicing!


Green Fennel Juice

(Makes approx. 500 ml juice)

1 fennel bulk
1 celery
1 handful leafy greens (baby spinach, parsley, mint, cilantro…)
15 cm cucumber
1 apple
½ lemon, skin removed
2,5 cm ginger


Yellow Pepper Juice

(Makes approx. 500 ml juice)

1 yellow pepper
3 carrots

1 orange
, skin removed
2,5 cm ginger

1 celery

A pinch of cayenne pepper for topping


Red Beet Juice

(Makes approx. 500 ml juice)

2 medium beets
1 carrot

1 apple

½ lemon, skin removed
2,5 cm ginger


  • Marie
    5. January 2015 at 10:21

    Godt Nytår!Hvor ser de lækre ud – især den med fennikel. Den kommer på listen over fornuftige ting, jeg skal prøve i januar 🙂

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