A Veggie Brunch

Sunday is brunch-day, and it’s time for a Veggie Brunch here on the blog. But before we jump on to today’s recipe we thought we’d tell you that we’re actually writing this post from Japan! As you might have seen on Instagram we’ve been busy eating delicious sushi, visiting bamboo forests, and drinking lots of green tea. Right now, however, we need a short break from all the touristin’ and have ordered a cup of coffee at a local café in Osaka.
A thing that has certainly caught our attention so far is the variety of Japanese breakfast dishes. Obviously, it’s not the typical sort of breakfast you find in Western countries. So far we’ve had everything from sushi to miso soups to rice with savoury, sweet, and pickled topping.

Anyways, this leads us to today’s topic about brunch. We love the idea that brunch doesn’t always have to be pancakes and granola (even though we love that, too!). So for today’s brunch recipe we’ve created a delicious and filling three-part-brunch-set of Strawberry & Avocado Salad, a Sunflower, Tomato & Basil Paté, and finally some Roasted Asparagus with Eggs.

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As usual, all of the parts in this recipe may be prepared quite fast. However, to free up some spare time for chatting and catching up with your brunch guests, consider cooking the quinoa for the Strawberry & Avocado Salad and preparing the Sunflower, Tomato & Basil Paté the day before.

By the way, if you make the paté we have to warn you, ‘cause it’s so damn addictive. We often make a batch and store it in the fridge to eat later on rye bread, or use it as spread in a sandwich.


Veggie Brunch

(Makes 4 servings)

Sunflower, Tomato & Basil Paté

1 cup / 250 ml / 140 g sunflower seeds
140 g sundried tomatoes in oil
1 handful fresh basil leaves
Sea salt

Soak the sunflower seeds in 2 cups / 500 ml water overnight (at least 4 hours). In the morning rinse the seeds and place in a food processor with sundried tomatoes and basil leaves. Process until you have the desired consistency – we like ours with a little texture. Taste with salt, and serve with some nice sourdough bread.

Strawberry & Avocado Salad

½ cup uncooked quinoa / 1½ cup cooked quinoa
2 avocados, chopped into small cubes
350 g strawberries, divided in 4 pieces
1 handful pomegranate seeds
1 handful pistachios, chopped
1 handful basil leaves, chopped

Rinse quinoa in cold water. Place quinoa and 1 cup water in a medium pan and cook for 18-20 minutes. Transfer the quinoa to a large bowl and let it cool for at least 30 minutes (or over night). Once cooled, toss the quinoa with the Honey & Mustard Dressing (recipe below). Toss the quinoa with the rest of the ingredients and serve.

Honey & Mustard Dressing for the salad

1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp honey
1 tsp honey

Place all the ingredients in a medium bowl and whisk until well combined. Toss with the quinoa as described above.

Roasted Asparagus with Eggs

16 asparagus
4 eggs 1 handful parsley, chopped
½ tsp paprika
Pecorino cheese
Olive oil
Salt & Pepper

Preheat the oven to 200 C / 400 F. Line a baking tray with baking paper. Place the asparagus on the baking tray, side by side, and sprinkle with olive oil. Crack the eggs onto the asparagus and season with paprika, salt and pepper. Bake in the oven for 10 minutes. Garnish with fresh parsley and wide pecorino flakes (shave the pecorino with a vegetable peeler) right before serving.


  • Christian
    2. June 2015 at 10:09

    Looks sooooo good. The asparagus are awesome at the moment! Note to self: try this ASAP.
    Safe travels!

  • Our Food Stories
    18. June 2015 at 0:54

    looks like the perfect bruch!! and how exciting that you are travelling in Japan, have a great trip!

    • Blueberry Tales
      13. July 2015 at 16:28

      Thanks! And apologies for our late reply; Our trip to Japan was awesome! Totally recommendable 🙂


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