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Cabbage, Edamame & Rice Salad + Stockholm Notes

This Summer it was 9 years ago we first met, and it’s crazy and amazing that we’ll soon be a small family. Camilla just hit 32 weeks, and with just two months to go until we get to meet our little baby boy, we kinda knew our trip to Stockholm last week would most likely be the last trip for just the two of us.
And Stockholm was absolutely fantastic! We stayed in a lovely AirBnB apartment right in the SoFo area and the location couldn’t have been better. Everything was within walking distance, and SoFo was abundant with curious shops, cool cats, and great food spots. Oh just to think of the sourdough bread, the classic Swedish cinnamon rolls, and all of the vegetarian dishes makes my teeth run! But those of you who’ve been to Stockholm will also know, that this city is quite closely connected to nature in the sense that only a short boat ride into the Stockholm archipelago will bring you beyond the cityscapes and into a completely different setting; a setting of some 30.000 rocky and windblown islands covered in dense pine forests and occasional red cottage houses. It’s beautiful and almost surreal. And while most of the islands are not inhabited all year round, some of the islands have managed to establish some pretty nice cultural institutions.

 sweden-2 sweden-6133   sweden-6159 sweden-6192


We decided to do a day trip to Svartsö (Black Island), situated 2,5 hours worth of boat ride from Stockholm down-town. Our main reason to go there rather than any other island was, well… the food! We wanted to have lunch at Svartsö Krog, which we’d been recommended by the good people at amazing Gro Restaurang the night before. And the recommendation was spot on! Svartsö Krog was everything we hoped for; clean and simple food made from high quality local produce, and in the spirit of the New Nordic cuisine. So we had a hearty lunch there, and since the Sun was out we decided to do a hike and get lost in the woods afterwards. It was nice.


Svartsö Krog

Our stay in Stockholm was way too short. We could’ve easily spent another week wandering the streets, drinking good coffee, and eating healthy ‘fast food’ in the parks or in those cool cafés. We shall return some day! And while we’re sitting in our apartment back in Copenhagen we really miss the archipelago and the delicious food.

We’ve collected a small list of the places we visited and loved:

Pom & Flora – Bondegatan 64
Great coffee and breakfast in cool settings – try their chia porridge! They serve a delicious brunch during the Weekends. Veggie options!

Gro Restaurang – Sankt Eriksgatan 67
Amazing and quite reasonably priced gourmet food, inspired by the New Nordic cuisine. Recommended several times by the Michelin guide.

Gossip – Skånegatan 71
Vibrant food spot serving tasty and delicious Bengali/Indian street food! Try the Chana Dall with garlic naan on the side.

Fabrique – Södermannagatan 23 (and several other locations)
A very suitable place for “fika” – the Swedish trademark midday coffee break with pastry on the side. We couldn’t get enough of their sour-dough cardamom buns (kardemummabullar).

Svartsö Krog – Alvik, Svartsö (in the archipelago)
As described above, this spot is a must when visiting the archipelago; great food and perfect surroundings.

Kallpressen – Rörstrandsgatan 34
Cold-pressed, no-bullshit juice to go. Simple as that.

Kalf & Hansen – Mariatorget 2
Organic deli serving delicious wholefood dishes inspired the capitals of Scandinavia. Take it to go and find a spot in the Sun in the park across the shop.

Snickarbacken 7 – Snickarbacken 7
Tugged away in a small side street and established in some old warehouse-looking location. Enjoy one of their delicious salads or sandwiches, and have a look in the cool interior/clothing store in the adjoining rooms.

Erika Petersdotter – Sankt Paulsgatan 11
Rustic handmade and personal ceramics/stoneware with a hint of Japanese influences. Great place to shop for a kitchen update!

Manos – Renstiernas Gata 22
Cute shop if your are looking for something new for your house. Browse through beautiful textiles, art, and decorations. Make sure to check out Karin Erikssons beautiful ceramics!

Urban Deli – Nytorget 4
Delicious food store and eatery all-in-one! Many of their dishes are made from the organic groceries available in the store. Great atmosphere!


We’ve named today’s recipe Cabbage, Edamame & Rice Salad, but we were thinking of simply naming it The Stockholm Salad as that’s the name it goes by in our kitchen. We had a salad somewhat similar to this at Snickarbacken 7, which we mentioned in our small guide above. We had been walking a lot that day and all we could think of was a big bowl of hearty salad. And that was exactly what we got at Snickarbacken! We loved the mix of colours and the perfect combination of crispy cabbage, filling rice, and a nice dressing.

cabbage-edamame-rice-salad-1 cabbage-edamame-rice-salad-2

Cabbage, Edamame & Rice Salad

(makes 4 servings)


1 cup uncooked whole grain rice (we used red)
¼ small red cabbage
1 cup / 140 g edamame beans
3 carrots
2 stalks of celery
2 handfuls of mixed salad leafs
1 tsp salt

Avocado Sesame seeds Eggs (optional) Saurkraut (optional)

Tahini dressing
2 tbsp tahini 1 tbsp lemon juice 1 tsp honey 2 tbsp water


Cook the rice with 2 cups of water and 1 tsp salt for 20-30 minutes until the rice are done. Leave the rice to cool. While the rice is cooking/cooling, make the tahini dressing by whisking all the dressing ingredients together in a small bowl. You may add a little more water, if you prefer a thinner dressing.

Slice the cabbage finely, and chop celery and carrots into thin ‘coins’. When the rice has cooled place all the veggies in a big bowl and toss until well combined.

Serve the salad with tahini dressing and topping of your choosing. Enjoy!

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