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Paris City Guide | A Weekend in Paris

A weekend in paris city guide

This is a small guide for one of our favourite cities of the World; Paris. We’ve been visiting frequently ever since Mikkel and I started dating, and for some reason we can’t stop going back. As much as I appreciate exploring new places, I simply love to nest and wander familiar streets, too. To me Paris is the perfect place for that.

The past Weekend we stayed in the Marais, the ideel neighbourhood for us. It hosts everything we seek in the perfect get-away within walking distance; our favorite eats, coffee houses and shopping spots. We went to the local farmer’s market, had breakfast at our favourite cafe, played with August and the local kids in the park, and simply just lived.

Our small guide below is a collection of new and old places we love. Since we love staying in the Marais, the list is mostly based in and around that area. Any additions you might have are, as always, much appreciated in the comments section. Also, we send a huge thanks to Samantha of Healthy Happy for sharing your favorite eats with us prior to this recent trip – they were spot on!



  1. Au Passage, laid back eatery serving the type of food we would love to eat everyday along with natural and organic wines. Dinner reservations recommended.
  2. Claus, a favorite for breakfast or take-away patisserie. Reservations recommended.
  3. Holybelly, another breakfast favorite, serving seriosly delicious scrambled eggs. Get there early to beat the queue.
  4. The Broken Arm, chic café serving breakfast and lunch. Make sure to have a look at their boutique next door.

Coffee & drinks

  1. Boot cafe, miniature coffee house serving coffee from my local coffee house in Berlin, Five Elephants.
  2. Fragments, great coffee and homebaked goods.
  3. Wild & the Moon, replenish with their large selection of cold-pressed juices and nut milks.
  4. Le Mary Celeste, a cosy bar worth visiting not only for the inventive cocktails but for the food as well.


  1. Merci, my definition of a dream department store. They have a café, too.
  2. Colette, chic concept store with a never ending assortment of fashion, tech, arts, streetwear, and beauty.
  3. Saint James, a staple in my wardrobe. Shop the iconic striped sailor tee worn by Coco Chanel.
  4. A.P.C., minimalistic and straight forward Parisian fashion. Mikkel always finds something here.
  5. Marché aux Entants Rouge, atmospheric food market. Lots of food stalls, too.
  6. Du Pain et des Idees, historic Parisian bakery. August loved their daily baked bread.

A Weekend in Paris

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