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Here are a few of my quotidian essentials. Something I would like to talk more about on the blog; the  beauty in the every day, the mundane. So far this blog has mostly been about recipes, but I believe mundane beauty extends beyond the recipe itself; Be it an elegantly set table, a bouquet of wild flowers, a warm bath, or beautifully crafted utensils.

These are some of my favourite products, products of beauty and every day use. When it comes to beauty as well as every other aspect of life I believe in finding the few items which you can’t live without and discard the rest, to avoid unnecessary clutter. These are my vital few. I’ve included links in a list below the photos, in case anyone is interested.

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My mundane beauty essentials:

  1. Rudolph Blossom Shampoo, smells like Summer and works wonders for my Scandinavian hair.
  2. Rudolph Forever Soft Conditioner, leaves my hair incredibly soft without making it heavy and flat
  3. Mason Pearson brush, I’ve tried a fair share of brushes and this is without question the best. It doesn’t make my hair electric, and this size fits into my bag.
  4. Dr. Hauschka Moor Lavender Calming Body Oil, I got a tip about this from a yoga teacher; I use it during the cold months if my skin needs extra moisturising, or at night as a calming oil.
  5. Avéne Thermal Spring Water Spray, perfect for setting my make-up, or as a calming spray in the afternoon if my skin is a bit tired.
  6. Tromborg Baked Mineral Silk, I couldn’t live without this one. It highlights and adds a beautiful glow.
  7. bareMinerals Stroke of Light, a real life-saver. It removes dark circles around the eyes.

Also, no sponsored content here, folks – just pure love for these products.

As always, I would love to hear which products you can’t live without. Let me know in the comments below.


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