Eucalyptus Holiday Wreath

And just like that the past year flew by and I’m back at work. Our new everyday as a family of three is full on, and we’re slowly solving the solitaire of two full-time working parents and the quotidian chores. This has meant lowering my bar for success which is not an easy task for this perfectionist, but I’m getting better and better, one baby step at a time. Weekends, on the other hand, are still sacred – perhaps more than ever – and filled with family time, fun time, me time, and time for immersion into creative tasks. And what better time to practice this than during the season of Christmas. Because to me, Christmas is about taking a moment and being present; baking gingerbread cookies and making holiday wreaths with your loved ones.




So, today I have for you a guide to making your own Eucalyptus Holiday wreath. Eucalyptus has been my go-to green all year. I like that it’s so versatile; it’s beautiful on its own thrown into a vase, and it goes well with other stems and flowers, like these white tallowberries that grow all around the public parks in Copenhagen.

What you’ll need:

A straw wreath (I used a 30 cm diameter wreath)
Florist wire
String, if you would like to hang your wreath
A scissor
Eucalyptus stems (I used two batches bought at a florist)
Twigs with tallowberries

How to make it (see step-by-step pictures below):

  1. Prep your eucalyptus stems and tallowberry twigs by cutting them into 15 cm lengths. Prepare all the greens you need before you start wrapping, and keep them within reach. If your greens are meager in size you can wrap a few together into small bundles. This will make the entire process much easier.
  2. Secure the wire to the wreath by wrapping the wire around the wreath a few times.
  3. Add your greens one at a time, securing them to the straw wreath by wrapping the wire around the lower half of the greens. Cover the straw wreath with as many greens as necessary (Mine was meant to lay in a tray or hang on the wall, which is why I only covered the front and sides of the straw wreath).
  4. Keep going until you’re covered the straw wreath all the way around.
  5. Fasten a string to the wreath if you would like to hang your wreath on your wall, front door, etc.

eucalyptus-holiday-wreath-diy-0761 eucalyptus-holiday-wreath-diy-0764 eucalyptus-holiday-wreath-diy-0767 eucalyptus-holiday-wreath-diy-0769 eucalyptus-holiday-wreath-diy-0774



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