Holiday Table 2016

The annual Christmas table is full of stonewashed linen, copper, stoneware from a local artist, wild flowers and dusty pinks. Mikkel says I’m a table setting nerd, and the fact is I am. I love to plan a table Weeks ahead, and the preparations for this table began months ago in Paris, when I found this beautiful slate grey washed linen table cloth in my dream store, Merci.

holiday-table-1191 holiday-table-1177

When I plan how to set a table, I go about it very much in the way as with every other type of styling I do. I imagine how texture, colour, and light interact; Table setting too is a matter of balance and composition. When using a table cloth I use it as my base and ‘build’ my table from there. In this specific case, I think some white plates fitted the grey table cloth well, and so did the organic shapes of the pine cones.

In my opinion, contrasts in terms of textures and colours is what makes a striking table., e.g. rough stoneware plates vs. a soft linen tablecloth, warm copper tones vs. the colder greys, a high centrepiece of flowers vs. a low table setting. It’s not exactly science, but following this ‘contrast rule’ usually brings something good to the table (ha, get it?).



holiday-table-1171  holiday-table-1180

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