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Table Setting with Cacti & Succulents

Smoke, coffee, and whiskey was the flavors of the dinner party we hosted to celebrate Mikkel’s 30th birthday this Weekend! This post is a peek at the dining table I set for the occasion, and if you make it all the way to the bottom I’ll share the menu with you as well.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram (@blueberrytales) know that we only just arrived back home from Morocco. We spent a few days there, just unplugging and relaxing. One night was spent in a really cozy Berber tent in the Agafay Desert, a short drive South of Marrakech. The next morning we woke up really early (thanks to precious August) right on time to enjoy the breathtaking scenery as the Sun rose from beyond the snow-capped Atlas Mountains and showered the pale desert sand in it’s warm rays. And just like that, Mikkel had officially turned 30! To celebrate this somewhat pivotal milestone he had gathered some of his oldest and closest friends this Weekend to feast on delicious food, wine, and cognac; a table setting opportunity I couldn’t let go.
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For a while I’ve had this idea of styling a table with cacti and succulents; I like their dusty greens and rugged looks, and as this was a night with the guys I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to put my idea into practice.

As with many other visual art forms, table setting is about composition; focal point, the rule of thirds, and implied lines. I see the room and the table as the motif, and then I go about the styling from there, starting with the table cloth – if I’m using one, obviously.

I like to observe how different colors and textures interact, and this is something I put as much thought into as the composition. As I wanted to pull the table setting in the slightly more raw/masculine direction I went for a dark grey table cloth, which I didn’t iron (for the perfectly imperfect wrinkled tablecloth store it crumpled into a massive fabric ball). I also used stoneware and faceted whiskey glass.

Tablesetting cactus & succulents-2392 Tablesetting cactus & succulents-2385 Tablesetting cactus & succulents-2402


Soup | Jerusalem artichoke w/ lump-fish roe
Meat & Veggies | Salt roasted beef w/ pear and celery root
Cheese | Goat cheeses and 24 month-old Gruyère
Cake | Chocolate, coffee, smoke, and whiskey layer-cake

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