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Many great things have happened since I published my first recipe on I graduated from law school, got my first real job, and then decided to quit it again, before packing our Copenhagen apartment into 35 cardboard boxes to pursue our dream of building a home close to the sea. In between it all, I had a baby and we travelled the World; every chance we got, we jumped on a plane and travelled wherever we felt like. But for now, I feel like it is time to stand still – at least metaphorically speaking. I’m writing this from our new house, overlooking our garden from our dining room. Mikkel and August just went outside to pick a basket of ruby red Ingrid Marie apples. They’re my favorite, and if August doesn’t eat them all, I might even bake an apple galette this Weekend.

Until then, welcome to Atelier Ea | Celebrating Mundane Beauty. This post is meant to give you an idea about my dreams and hopes for this space.

For the sake of that purpose, I would like to take you back to the beginning. began as a health blog using every hyped label in my language; healthy, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian… However, I soon came to realize that the labels had way too much focus. They removed the focus from what’s within the box, which is food; Good and vibrant food. Instead, I opened up my cupboard to whatever ingredient I wanted to use. Doing so, I began a journey towards an understanding and appreciation of the inherent beauty of our produce, which was boosted further this Summer when I was able to harvest the first beets from our garden. And it felt so great to let go of those labels. Nowadays, I never eat anything solely because it’s considered “healthy”.

Yes, food will always be the heart of this space, but my passion doesn’t end with the plate. On the contrary – the plate is the beginning of beautiful tables, dinner parties, decorations, and myriads of other small but beautiful and unique moments.

While eating is definitely a central part of the everyday beauty that surrounds us, it’s not the whole story. Everyday beauty is about creating a life that makes you ecstatic, pursuing your dreams, and spending time on what matters the most. This will be different from person to person, but the bottom-line remains. If it’s not a hell yeah, it’s a no. My passions are my family, friends, travelling, cooking, and building our home. All of that doesn’t just happen, I need to make time for it, to nurture my relationships, to make dinner for my family, to take time off and go travelling. And the key to that is “no”. No, to anything that doesn’t make the cut.

Atelier Ea

Atelier Ea is my creative playground where I’ll focus on the everyday beauty and share my passions, simply because I can’t not do it. And it means the world to me that you’re still here, ready to tag along. The changes that come with the new name won’t be radical – I simply wanted a name that was able to entail the love and passion that goes into this space. For that I couldn’t think of anyone else than my grandmothers, Elin and Anna, who knew how to make magical dinners and prepare food with love and passion. They are my stars and they’re always with me in my kitchen. Together, they are Ea, and this space is the atelier where creativity thrives.

The recipes posted here will be for the kind of food I actually cook at home for my family; beautiful, seasonal, and often inspired by cuisines from far away. And while some recipes will be easily prepared, others may be time-consuming, because, well, some things simply can’t be rushed. But don’t worry too much. I’m a working mom, and I do make short cuts where necessary.

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