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Travel Guide | A Weekend in London

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Mikkel and I have been to London more times than we can count, but this October was our first as a family. Instead of checking into a hotel we rented an apartment in Islington, just north of Shoreditch, which turned out to be the perfect area for us. Clean and quiet plus lots of our favourite eateries and stores within walking distance. We used the apartment as our base, which is perfect when travelling with a toddler. You never know when you have to call it a night, grab a pizza to go, and take a cab home (the tube is really not stroller friendly). From there we would head out to our go-to coffee-spot, play with August in the park, and maybe stop by a few shops along the way before we all settled down for lunch together. That’s what I love about revisiting familiar places; You can skip the touristy attractions and simply just be.

When travelling we always search for the same things; little coffee houses pouring a nice hand-brew, slow-food eateries, and artisan boutiques. Below you’ll find a carefully curated list of places we’ve visited and loved along with a bunch of photos.

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  1. Lyle’s. The kind of place where I would love to eat every day. Locally sourced food and natural wine all served in the most beautiful urban surroundings.
  2. The Good Life Eatery. Cozy deli serving delicious food and juices. We loved their acai breakfast bowl, and matcha latte made with almond milk.
  3. St. John. No fuzz, just good food. Several locations around the city.
  4. Franco Manca. Pizzas made from slow-rising sourdough and baked in a wood-fired oven.
  5. Polpo. Wonderful Venetian dishes to share family style.
  6. Maltby Street Market. A symphony of street food, coffee, and pastries in a narrow lane along the rail tracks.

Coffee, beer & pastry

  1. Prufrock Coffee. Our go-to coffee house and breakfast spot in Shoreditch.
  2. King’s Arms. Not the typical British pub, but that’s what I love about this place. Fresh flowers on the tables and natural carbonated beers.
  3. Crosstown. Sourdough doughnuts. Make sure to try the chocolate truffle!


  1. Labour & Wait. A beautiful façade hiding a collection of timeless items, from kitchenware to clothing.
  2. Maud & Mabel. Carefully curated, beautiful hand-crafted every day objects. I could have bought all of their Japanese ceramics.
  3. Persephone Books. A unique publishing house reprinting fiction and non-fiction by mid-twentieth century (mostly) female authors. Make sure to look for the cook books.



  • Catia
    17. May 2019 at 22:44

    Congrats on tour London guide! I simply love the content, the beautiful pictures and your curated list of place le to eat and enjoy London as a Londoner! Catia xx

    • Camilla
      16. June 2019 at 18:51

      Thanks a million, Catia. I’m so happy you liked it!
      xo Camilla


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