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organic gift wrapping

My gift wrapping guide for this season is filled with bits of nature and shades of pink. I’ve exchanged my usual gift wrapping paper with soft cotton. I simply love the idea of wrapping each present in cotton to be reused by the receiver. I use it as everything from napkins to dish towels and polishing cloth.  Zero-waste Christmas, y’all!

As I’m writing this, we’re aaalmost done renovating our living room. In a few days, the project which has been going on since we moved in this Spring, will be done. Do I need to tell you how excited I am? I can’t wait to store the tools and paint away, bring in the Christmas tree, and place the presents underneath. This year we’re even hosting Christmas for the first time in our own home. If I get a minute away from the kitchen I’ll make sure to give you a virtual tour of our living room during the holidays. Until then, here’s my guide to wrap beautiful and personal presents.

How do you plan to wrap your presents?

As always, nothing makes me happier than seeing your work. Make sure to tag it #EaGiftWrapping2017.

Organic Gift Wrapping Guide 2017

Organic Gift Wrapping Guide 2017


  • Cotton (like muslin, voile or any fabric suited for curtins, table cloths etc.)
  • Twine
  • Velvet ribbon in pink tones
  • Dried flowers and twigs from the garden


  1. Prepare the cotton for wrapping; some types of fabric needs to be washed to be soft. Also, check the fabric for transparency, and double the layer if necessary.
  2. Wrap the present as you would if using wrapping paper.
  3. Tie a bow with twine or velvet ribbon.
  4. Decorate the present with a few dried flowers and twigs.

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