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Almond Matcha Latte | Hello New Habits

Almond Matcha Latte

Well, hello there 2018! And hello to new habits! I took the first days off to reflect. I’m no fan of resolutions, Because if 2017 has taught me anything, it’s that just when I think my path is set it changes all over again. That’s the beauty of it. Instead, I’m a believer in the importance of self-reflection. Of being conscious of the choices we make, of the turns the path take. Otherwise, we’ll end up simply acting out the decisions of others. The last page of 2017 has been turned, reviewed and learned from. It had me quit my job to move to the other side of the country. It had me move into my dream house and build a real home with the man I love and our son. It had me turn down a prominent job offer and go for the one that felt right for me and for my family. And I’ve never been happier and more excited to see what’s coming.

None of this would’ve happened if we hadn’t said ‘no’ more than a million times. No to everything that didn’t meet our dreams, which are as simple as having time to cook, travel and play with August. To me that’s easier said than done, but by practising it each day it certainly gets easier. 

Starting off my day right helps to clear my mind and help me make better decisions. Truth is, I don’t have a morning routine. The bit that was left went out the window the minute I became a mother. I like to sleep in for as long as humanly possible. Especially at this time of the year when it’s all dark and cold outside. I’ll wear my hair in a messy bun and eat my breakfast on the go if that’ll steel me another 15 minutes with my pillow. However, that’s highly impractical when a) you have a two-year-old who needs to have breakfast in the morning and b) said two-year-old is having a shitty morning if I’m stressed out. So, we get up in time for everyone to sit down and eat breakfast. And that’s where this almond matcha latte comes in!

Almond Matcha Latte

It’s my latest addition to my would-be morning ritual. It adds a little light and beauty to a dark January morning, and the thought of its creamy and luxurious foam can make even this non-morning person feel like a morning person. Sometimes I lay in bed at night and imagine how I’ll treat myself to it in the morning. It’s not something I make every day, but most days. Because all it takes is 5 minutes. The perfect luxurious treat for working mothers.

Almond Matcha Latte

I like the taste of almond milk, but you can make it with any type of milk. Coconut, soy, cow. Even water, or a combo. I heat it in a small pot just until it too hot to touch and pour it into a blender along with the rest of the ingredients, blitz it for 20 seconds, and then I’m ready to sit down with my breakfast. You can also make it using a Japanese bamboo whisk, but I feel like the blender makes a better foam for this particular recipe. My recipe also calls for maca and ashwagandha which are both adaptogens, known for their restorative benefits and ability to relieve stress. I add lucuma for sweetening as I have it on hand these days, but you can substitute with honey (or leave it out). To make the foam even foamier I add a pea size coconut oil, but some people claim that coconut butter should be even better, so feel free to play around and let me know what you think.

Almond Matcha Latte

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