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quinoa, lentil, spinach patties

I’m just checking in quickly to share one of the recipes I cook the most for my family; Quinoa, lentil & spinach patties. They’re are dinner-savers for working mothers. I cook them on Sunday nights to keep in the fridge for a healthy and easy dinner on busy week nights or a quick snack to avoid any hangry kid situation. So, you might be going “isn’t quinoa and lentils a lot of work?” I promise you, it’s not. In fact, you’ll only need one pot as the quinoa and lentils have the same cooking time, and they cook fast. Once you’ve cooked the grains all you need to do is mix and fry, and you’re ready to go. What’s not to like?

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quinoa, lentil, spinach patties

quinoa, lentil, spinach patties quinoa, lentil, spinach patties quinoa, lentil & spinach patties

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