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Rose Pavlova w. roasted strawberries | Happy Valentine’s Day

Rose & Strawberry Pavlova

A Rose Pavlova for you and your love on Valentine’s Day. Or any day. Because why reserve acts of kindness for February 14th?

I woke up this morning as the Winter Sun floated through our bedroom window. If I lay my head onto Mikkel’s chest I can peak out of the window and, at this time of year when the trees are barren, I can even see the sound. This morning the water was calm and there was no cloud in sight, just the crisp Winter Sun mirroring in the water. I checked my phone for any missed appointments or deadlines and I realized that I hadn’t missed as much as a dentist appointment. Nothing. At this point in my life everything is easy and beautiful like this Winter morning. All the doubts and worries from one year ago when we entered a new chapter of our lives are gone. I’m happy – and sometimes even a bit bored. But in a good way. I believe in not pushing off those beautiful, mundane, and sometimes uncomfortable, moments that life is. I try to seek the beauty in those moments. The mundane and the real. And, luckily, sometimes that means coming home from a long day at the office to a nice bouquet of eucalyptus and peonies.

Happy Valentine’s!

Rose & Strawberry Pavlova

Rose & Strawberry Pavlova

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