Hi, I’m Camilla Drost, a Svendborg-based recipe developer, stylist, photographer, and mama.

…and this is Atelier Ea – a blog emerged from a love for cooking, travelling, and the slow life; from setting a beautiful table or foraging wild flowers, over finding the go-to breakfast spot abroad to sharing a home-cooked meal with your loved ones in the middle of the storm of our quotidian chores.

“A withered rose, a cracked bowl, and a wrinkled tablecloth; the beauty is in the perfect imperfect.”

I seek the beauty in everyday life scenarios and share them here through photos and stories, hoping to inspire and motivate to be real humans with life’s ups and downs. A withered rose, a cracked bowl, and a wrinkled tablecloth; the beauty is in the perfect imperfect.

Growing up I dreamt of foreign streets, and when I met my boyfriend, Mikkel, and moved to Copenhagen almost 10 years ago, a new World emerged; A dream World of mine with everything from local coffee shops and natural wine bars to street food stalls and Michelin starred eateries around the World, from San Francisco and Marrakech to Paris and Tokyo.

But just as I thought we had everything figured out seasons change. That’s the beauty of life. Suddenly, I found myself dreaming of a big garden where August could play and I could grow vegetables. And just like that we packed our Copenhagen apartment into 35 cardboard boxes to pursue our dream of building our dream home. However, our new life as a family hasn’t blurred our wanderlust and our aim is to show as much of the World to August as humanly possible.


My dream is to write a cookbook, host workshops, and create editorial content for magazines and agencies, and I’m always looking for new and exciting collaborations. If you wan’t to work together you can contact me at

A bit of my work so far

  • I’ve developed recipes for Pillivuyt Denmark
  • I’m blogging with my favorite Danish lifestyle magazine, BO BEDRE, where I’m sharing a selection of my recipes in Danish. Read it here!
  • I created a holiday cocktail for the high-quality micro kombucha brewery, Læsk. Find it here!