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quinoa, lentil, spinach patties

Quinoa, Lentil & Spinach Patties | Everyday bowl

I’m just checking in quickly to share one of the recipes I cook the most for my family; Quinoa, lentil & spinach patties. They’re are dinner-savers for working mothers. I cook them on Sunday nights to keep in the fridge for a healthy and easy dinner on busy week nights or a quick snack to avoid any hangry kid situation. So, you might be going “isn’t quinoa and lentils a lot of work?” I promise you, it’s not. In fact, you’ll only need one pot as the quinoa and lentils have the same cooking time, and they cook fast. Once you’ve cooked the grains all you need to do is mix and fry, and you’re ready to go. What’s not to like?

Almond Matcha Latte
Imbibe Mornings Winter

Almond Matcha Latte | Hello New Habits

Well, hello there 2018! And hello to new habits! I took the first days off to reflect. I’m no fan of resolutions, Because if 2017 has taught me anything, it’s that just when I think my path is set it changes all over again. That’s the beauty of it. Instead, I’m a believer in the importance of self-reflection. Of being conscious of the choices we make, of the turns the path take. Otherwise, we’ll end up simply acting out the decisions of others. The last page of 2017 has been turned, reviewed and learned from. It had me quit my job to move to the other side of the country. It had me move into my dream house and build a real home with the man I love and our son. It had me turn down a prominent job offer and go for the one that felt right for me and for my family. And I’ve never been happier and more excited to see what’s coming.

rose herbal tea
Holiday Imbibe

Herbal Tea: Holiday Gift | Happy Holidays

Hello, fellow last minute gift shoppers! This is a recipe for a herbal tea that sparks joy and is the perfect last minute gift – along with a virtual invitation into our newly renovated living room. I can’t believe we actually made it just in time for Christmas. For those of you who are new here, my family and I sold our apartment in Copenhagen this Summer to move into our dream house in Svendborg, close to the forest and the sea. But as with every house dating back to the 1930’s it needs to be renovated. Just a liiiiiittle bit. So ever since we moved in 8 months ago, we’ve been without a living room. But two days ago we could finally store the tools and paint buckets away, and move in. A few hours later we had decorated the Christmas tree and found ourselves sipping tea in our sofa with Wham! on repeat.

In just a few hours my family arrives to stay with us during the Holidays. So, without further ado, I just want to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! I hope you get to spend it with your loved ones. If you scroll down, you’ll find the recipe for my herbal tea, which in my opinion is beautiful in itself in its jar, but just wait until you see that ruby red colour once it’s done infusing.

Marry Christmas, ya’ll!

x Camilla

organic gift wrapping

Gift Wrapping | Organic Gift Wrapping Guide 2017

My gift wrapping guide for this season is filled with bits of nature and shades of pink. I’ve exchanged my usual gift wrapping paper with soft cotton. I simply love the idea of wrapping each present in cotton to be reused by the receiver. I use it as everything from napkins to dish towels and polishing cloth.  Zero-waste Christmas, y’all!

london city guide
Field Notes

Travel Guide | A Weekend in London

Mikkel and I have been to London more times than we can count, but this October was our first as a family. Instead of checking into a hotel we rented an apartment in Islington, just north of Shoreditch, which turned out to be the perfect area for us. Clean and quiet plus lots of our favourite eateries and stores within walking distance. We used the apartment as our base, which is perfect when travelling with a toddler. You never know when you have to call it a night, grab a pizza to go, and take a cab home (the tube is really not stroller friendly). From there we would head out to our go-to coffee-spot, play with August in the park, and maybe stop by a few shops along the way before we all settled down for lunch together. That’s what I love about revisiting familiar places; You can skip the touristy attractions and simply just be.

When travelling we always search for the same things; little coffee houses pouring a nice hand-brew, slow-food eateries, and artisan boutiques. Below you’ll find a carefully curated list of places we’ve visited and loved along with a bunch of photos.