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Gift Wrapping | Organic Gift Wrapping Guide 2017

My gift wrapping guide for this season is filled with bits of nature and shades of pink. I’ve exchanged my usual gift wrapping paper with soft cotton. I simply love the idea of wrapping each present in cotton to be reused by the receiver. I use it as everything from napkins to dish towels and polishing cloth.  Zero-waste Christmas, y’all!

london city guide
Field Notes

Travel Guide | A Weekend in London

Mikkel and I have been to London more times than we can count, but this October was our first as a family. Instead of checking into a hotel we rented an apartment in Islington, just north of Shoreditch, which turned out to be the perfect area for us. Clean and quiet plus lots of our favourite eateries and stores within walking distance. We used the apartment as our base, which is perfect when travelling with a toddler. You never know when you have to call it a night, grab a pizza to go, and take a cab home (the tube is really not stroller friendly). From there we would head out to our go-to coffee-spot, play with August in the park, and maybe stop by a few shops along the way before we all settled down for lunch together. That’s what I love about revisiting familiar places; You can skip the touristy attractions and simply just be.

When travelling we always search for the same things; little coffee houses pouring a nice hand-brew, slow-food eateries, and artisan boutiques. Below you’ll find a carefully curated list of places we’ve visited and loved along with a bunch of photos.


Welcome to Atelier Ea | Looking Forward

Many great things have happened since I published my first recipe on Blueberrytales.com. I graduated from law school, got my first real job, and then decided to quit it again, before packing our Copenhagen apartment into 35 cardboard boxes to pursue our dream of building a home close to the sea. In between it all, I had a baby and we travelled the World; every chance we got, we jumped on a plane and travelled wherever we felt like. But for now, I feel like it is time to stand still – at least metaphorically speaking. I’m writing this from our new house, overlooking our garden from our dining room. Mikkel and August just went outside to pick a basket of ruby red Ingrid Marie apples. They’re my favorite, and if August doesn’t eat them all, I might even bake an apple galette this Weekend.

Until then, welcome to Atelier Ea | Celebrating Mundane Beauty. This post is meant to give you an idea about my dreams and hopes for this space.

cinnamon rolls
Autumn Brunch Holiday Sweets

Cinnamon Rolls w/ Brown Butter & Whisky

Happy Cinnamon Bun Day! I’m just checking in briefly, as we’re en route to London; The first city Mikkel and I visited together, and now we can’t wait to show it to August. But, I couldn’t let an opportunity to share the recipe for these soft cinnamon rolls spiced with nutty brown butter along with a whisky glaze go by unnoticed. So here I am, typing away at 6 AM while my two boys are sleeping upstairs.

White Truffle & Geranium Icecream
Summer Sweets

White Chocolate & Geranium Ice Cream

A big truck just parked outside our house. Its trailer is stocked with our new windows and doors shared between four carefully packed pallets. Sitting there they don’t look like much, but we’ve ordered enough to replace every outer door and window in our yellow-brick villa from 1935. Ever since we saw the house for the first time it has been our dream to bring it back to its original architectural style. Now, six months later, the beautiful, white small-paned windows and doors with wooden frames and brass details are here. Finally.