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Strawberry Clover Club
Imbibe Summer

Strawberry Clover Club

Few things beat a cocktail to end a balmy Summer night. This gin-based, pre-prohibition cocktail named after a 1800s gentlemen’s club has been my go-to drink this season. The Strawberry & Rose Syrup can be prepared now, at the peak of strawberry season, and stored in the fridge throughout the Summer. This way you’ll always come prepared when you crave this tempting cocktail.

garlic confit
Condiment Spring

Garlic Confit | Building Blocks

Let’s talk building blocks. Not the kind my two year old son plays with, even though they’re a lot of fun, too. No, let’s talk the kind that can elevate everyday cooking – bring it from boring to addictive. Many of my recipes are build on an aromatic foundation with herbs, spices and garlic as the building blocks. Hence this recipe for garlic confit. It’s an invaluable component that you’ll find next to preserved lemons on my pantry. It takes a bit of preparation but it keeps for weeks in the refrigerator.

marrakech travel guide
Field Notes

Marrakech Travel Guide

Hello, fellow traveler – the Marrakech travel guide is here! In this post I’ll take you along on a virtual tour into the curved pink streets of Marrakech. It’s the result of years of research and treasured tips from fellow colleagues and friends. Mikkel and I visited Marrakesh for the first time five years ago, and it was love at first encounter. For some reason I feel calmer there. Despite all the hustlers, pick-pockets, and loud master-hagglers, it somehow feels like an honest and somewhat authentic place. The old medina is mostly inaccessible to cars, and you’ll find that donkeys and wooden carts are still used to haul everything from everyday produce to building materials. It’s a place where I want to get lost. I’ll wander for hours through the souk and narrow alleys, imagining what’s hidden behind the mystic 11th and 12th century wooden doors. Some hide abundant courtyards, some hide poverty. It’s all there, unpretentious and real.